Website updates

As you can probably tell just from visiting, there have been a substantial number of changes to the site in the past couple of weeks. Some of the main highlights include:

  • a new/sleeker/friendlier logo (with color!)
  • a brand new jazz/pop/etc. page featuring my work outside of more "classical" music or media music (I say this as a genre agnostic)
    • this page also features a new music page design that will become the norm throughout the site over the next few weeks
  • several updated music listings (click through for the full list) (side note: there are no new recordings on this update, but there should be several over the next few weeks)
  • updated about and résumé pages
  • general design fixes all around (warmer vibe, easier navigation, etc.)

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(Also, in case you missed it, I won a composition contest recently and will be traveling to Illinois soon.)

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Short film updates

I'm excited to announce that "Persefone's Breakfast" directed by my friend Sam Mendez (and one of several films of his I've scored) will be screening as part of for the Official Latino Short Film Festival on Saturday 17 September in NYC. Check out the trailer here!

I've updated the entry for "Persefone's Breakfast" as well as for "A Bodega" (another Mendez production) and "Beyond Cheesecake"(see below) on the Film and Media page.

In addition, I've uploaded a sample from that short as well as the soundtrack from the short film "Beyond Cheesecake", which I worked on this May as part of the Boston 48 Hour Film Festival. Hear both tracks below!

A few bits of news

Happy Travels is in the news again!  Yesterday morning, Jack was interviewed live by WFMZ-TV News 69, just a few weeks after CBS Philly ran a story on him and his app.

It's also worth noting that Jack's project has caught the eye of the Commander-in-Chief himself!

From the Big Man to the Little Man (Photo by Happy Travels)

You go Jack!  Don't forget to download the app and like his Facebook page!

In other news, there have been a couple updates to the site:


I'm very excited to announce that I've been asked to write the music for Jenny Lim's new film Greta, to be released in 2014.  This will eventually become the feature-length film Greta, "an experimental feature about mental illness, that combines the fictional world of “Greta” with documentary portraits of a family" (from Lim's description).

[The opening sequence clip is currently unavailable.]

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