Website updates

As you can probably tell just from visiting, there have been a substantial number of changes to the site in the past couple of weeks. Some of the main highlights include:

  • a new/sleeker/friendlier logo (with color!)
  • a brand new jazz/pop/etc. page featuring my work outside of more "classical" music or media music (I say this as a genre agnostic)
    • this page also features a new music page design that will become the norm throughout the site over the next few weeks
  • several updated music listings (click through for the full list) (side note: there are no new recordings on this update, but there should be several over the next few weeks)
  • updated about and résumé pages
  • general design fixes all around (warmer vibe, easier navigation, etc.)

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(Also, in case you missed it, I won a composition contest recently and will be traveling to Illinois soon.)



Full list of changes:

  • Equinox and Postcard added in Chamber, including video and a list of performers for the former
  • Gaudete added in Chorus
  • Seikilos added in Wind Ensemble
  • Video added for Persefone's Breakfast
  • corrections for several other items (spelling, dates, length, etc.)
  • many items migrated from their original pages to the new jazz/pop page, especially from the chamber/solo page
  • one new item on that page is "Yume Wo Mite (Life)" written with Mio Sakata