pieces are listed in alphabetical order


(2010; 3'-4')

for jazz band

premiere: December 2010 in Sanders Theater (Cambridge, MA) by members of Berklee College

Music for "Beyond Cheesecake"

(2016; 3')

music for the short film "Beyond Cheesecake"

directed by Mel DuPont with Hop and Pop Productions for the 2016 48-Hour Film Project (Boston)

screenings: May 2016 during the 48-Hour Film Project (Boston, MA)

Chevy Malibu

(2018; 3’30”)

for Becky Cooper, a country song on a whim

Music for "Coffeehouse"

(2008; 4'30")

music for the short film "Coffeehouse"

directed by Brian Harris

screenings: June 2008 during the 48-Hour Film Project (Greensboro, NC)

Istanbul Clubbing

(2012; 2')

Samples: Funky Drummer, Apache, Dilli Düdük, Çakkıdı

Turkey is sometimes known as the crossroads of the world, and here, the shape (Dilli Düdük) and electronic sounds (Çakkıdı) of Turkish popular music mix with the rhythms (Funky Drummer) and jazzy lines (Apache) of American music samples

for saxophone and strings

original opener for the short film "Coffeehouse"

I know I been changed

(2008; 0'30")

for jazz ensemble

In Dark of Night

(2011; 6')

for jazz combo

recorded 2011 by Jon Bean (saxophone), Evan Allen (piano), Greg Loughman (bass), Nick Girondin (guitar), and Ramón (cajón)

A Rose for Violet


with Cody Weavil (lyrics, melody) and Kristen Leinbach (additional music and lyrics)

premiere: May 2008 in Southwest Guilford High School (High Point, NC)

Take Me Away

(2008; 5'30")

with Kristen Leinbach (lyrics, additional music)

premiere: May 2009 in Southwest Guilford High School (High Point, NC)

Who I Can Be

(2009; 4')

with Mio Sakata (lyrics and melody), ft. Akihito Fujii

Yume Wo Mita (Life)

(2014; 4'30")