Theme from Gretafor piano (2014, 1'30")

Invention No. 1, for piano (2005/8, 1'15")

inspired by Bach's Two-Part Inventions

Honorable Mention, Pikes Peak Young Composers Competition (PPYCC), 2005; Regional Winner, Music Educators' National Convention Student Talent Search, 2008

original version premiered May 2005 by James Smith in Colorado Springs, CO; revised version premiered April 2008 by the composer in Milwaukee, WI

Para mi Mamá, for piano (2007, 4'30")

premiered December 2008 by the composer in High Point, NC


A Prelude after Chopin, for piano (2012, 1'00")

Prelude for Violin, for solo violin (2010, 1'30")


A Quarky Collection, for violin solo (2014)


The River, for piano (2006, 2')


Romanesca and Lament, for piano (2010, 2'30")

premiered May 2010 by the composer in Cambridge, MA


Salto del Ángel (Kerepakupai Vená), for piano (2018, 3’15”)

six snow sketches, for prepared piano (2012, 11')

written for the Juventas Ensemble (Boston, MA)

premiered March 2012 by the Juventas Ensemble in Paine Hall

 Skenando, for alto saxophone w/piano accompaniment (2013, 5'30")

written for Cody Weavil

Summer Scene: Ripples on a Pond, for piano (2006, 3')