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J. Andrés Ballesteros (b. 1991) composes music for a variety of ensembles and media, works to nurture social change through music as artistic adviser for the Eureka Ensemble, and teaches at the Boston Arts Academy. You can learn more about him here and contact him here. He promises not to write his reply in 3rd person.

You can also find him on Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud.

Upcoming & Recent Dates

20 Feb ‘19, 10:30am: “Fearless” at the Mattapan Branch of the Boston Public Library (speaking event with Eureka Ensemble)

2 Apr ‘19, 5pm @ home.stead: Performance of “Passarinho” for voice and accompaniment (premiere) as part of the BAA Cultura showcase

19 Apr ‘19, 7:30pm @ Univ. of Georgia Performing Arts Center, Hodgson Hall: Performance of “Revelry” for wind ensemble (premiere); livestream link upcoming

28 Apr ‘19, 6pm @ Church of the Covenant: Open rehearsal w/Eureka Ensemble of new piece “Voces” for orchestra and children’s chorus (in progress)

4 May ‘19, 7pm @ Church of the Covenant: Premiere of “Voces” at Eureka’s spring concert, “Through Struggle to the Stars”

11 May ‘19, 8pm @ Jordan Hall: Performance of Brahms Requiem with the Jameson Singers

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